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More Colors, Complete Specifications
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Antique bricks are generally classified by civilization type. There are seven series of romantic Europe, primitive Africa, mysterious Egypt, ancient Indian style, refined China, and the Babylonian kingdom. The most popular ones are romantic European and refined Chinese series of antique bricks. Color is the most influential factor in design because it determines a certain mood and represents a certain custom. The pattern is also a symbol of civilization. It appears on the antique brick surface and plays a finishing touch on the wall. It also guides people's imagination and feels classical charm. It is understood that the most popular antique tiles are divided into monochrome bricks and tiles. Monochrome bricks are mainly used for large-area paving, while tiles are used as embellishments for partial decoration. The general tile patterns are hand painted, the surface is glazed, and the vintage has a sense of fashion.

1. There are many varieties of antique bricks and colors, and the specifications are complete. There are 900*450 and 800*800, more are 600*600, and there are also small-sized bricks suitable for use in kitchens and other areas. It can be said to be polished tiles and porcelain. The fit of the piece. There are leather, rock, wood and other series in antique bricks, which look very similar to the real thing. It can be said that it is fake, many of which are all-in-one bricks, not just on the glaze.

2. From a practical point of view, in public places, the flow of people is large, the frequency of use is high, and the polished tiles are almost ugly and ugly for 2-3 years, and the antique bricks are the same as when they are just laid.

3. From a practical point of view, the paving of antique bricks is inherently personalized, designed according to the color, can be personalized. The use of antique bricks abroad is far greater than that of polished tiles. It is almost impossible to polish this brick.

4. After the polished tile surface is smooth, almost no problem can be solved, and the antique brick can solve this problem. Therefore, in public places, the practicality of antique bricks is gradually improved, and the problem of slipping down the elderly and children is also gradually improved in the family.

5. Polished tiles are considered to be the largest source of light pollution abroad, while antique tiles are almost matt, and this problem does not exist. This is similar to the contrast between a clear glass bulb and a matte bulb.

6. Anti-fouling problem, no matter how good the polished tiles are 2-3 years old, the surface of the polished sapphire has been seriously smeared, almost 5 years or so, it must be renovated and paved. There are almost no such problems with antique bricks.

7. From the water absorption rate, the antique bricks are originally porcelain glazed tiles, the porcelain base itself and the polished tiles are no different, the difference is only the whiteness and the formula that can be thrown, so the water absorption rate of the green body can reach about 0.1%. There is no difference between the polished tiles, but the surface of the two bricks is completely different. The surface of the antique bricks will never absorb water (stain).

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