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Maintain Copper Surface Gloss And Service Life
- Jul 03, 2018 -

The cast aluminum door is made of modern high-tech processing technology, solid cast aluminum, and the whole casting molding, to create the villa door, the courtyard door style is small and beautiful, elegant and chic, luxurious and spectacular. The design of this product is the crystallization of Chinese and Western culture, combined with electricity, intelligence, induction overall, combined with electrostatic powder coating machine fluorocarbon coating, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, can maintain fading and rust in coastal areas for a long time. Widely used at home and abroad. It is the first brand of large-scale aluminum carving door products in China, creating powerful and gorgeous doors and windows, brilliant models, and cast aluminum doors of high-tech high-tech resources. It is a major change in the Chinese construction industry and has an epoch-making historical significance.

The cast aluminum door adopts European standard, panel and baffle cast aluminum engraving and casting, anti-ultraviolet high temperature treatment, and the door is made of high-grade automotive equivalent material to seal the sound insulation performance. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, salt tolerance, never rust, and UV resistance.

Due to the material, the biggest difference is that there is no need to worry about the surface paint falling off, the internal substrate is exposed, and the oxygen in the air is in contact with the oxidation reaction, which affects the beauty of the door. Maintaining cast aluminum doors is the most important thing to clean surface stains.

So what is the cleaning with aluminum cleaning?

1. Cast aluminum door introduces the use of cast aluminum door, hanging on the door or avoiding sharp objects to engrave, scratch, open or close the door, do not be too strong or too large to avoid damage to the cast aluminum door.

2, cast aluminum door paint wall, cast aluminum door cover, in order to avoid stripping the surface of the product, resulting in the material being stripped, faded, affecting the overall beauty.

3, spring and winter should pay attention to indoor ventilation, maintain indoor humidity, in normal room temperature, humidity, metal parts rust, edge, complete closure. When using electric heating or other heating equipment in winter, keep away from wood products to avoid heat.

4, do not often contact with water stains, open the door lock, so as not to lock the door lock. When opening the door lock or turning the door lock handle, do not be too hard, which will only shorten the life of the door lock. Hinges, anti-theft locks and other activities usually have hardware fittings that loosen immediately when tightened. When the door lock is not open, you can add the right amount of pencil lead to the keyhole.

5, remove the stain on the surface of cast aluminum, can be wet with Kazakhstan gas, wipe with a soft cloth, if you can use a hard cloth to gently scratch the surface, dirty is too heavy, when you can use neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture cleaning Wipe clean immediately after cleaning. The edges and corners of the villa door are not rubbed frequently to avoid damage to the faded material on the edges and corners. In the removal of dust on wood products, it is inconvenient to wipe with a soft cotton cloth, and it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. In order to maintain the gloss and service life of the copper surface, it should be cleaned regularly, dusted, and wood decorative products can be used for the preservation of the solidified liquid.

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