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Guarantee The Security Of The Entry Door
- Jul 03, 2018 -

The variety of doors is dazzling and difficult to find. Therefore, systematically understanding the type of door is conducive to improving the overall understanding of the door, and it is of great help to make accurate judgment when purchasing the door.

From the role of the door, the main can be divided into gates, entrance doors, interior doors, explosion-proof doors, anti-explosive doors, fire doors and so on.

Entry doors are also called security doors, and most homes are equipped with entry doors when they are completed. Some consumers will replace them for safety and other considerations. The entrance door mainly has pure steel entrance doors and armored doors. The armored door is a high-grade entry door. The main feature is that instead of the traditional surface treatment method, a wooden veneer is added to the surface of the steel entrance door, which ensures the safety factor of the entrance door. The door has been greatly improved, and at the same time, it can be better coordinated with the interior decoration. Compared with the entry door, consumers use more indoor doors. The types of interior doors are very diverse, and they are the most incomprehensible for consumers. The following pages mainly introduce the classification and characteristics of interior doors.

All parts of the high-grade log finger door are made of precious wood such as “walnut”, “teak” and “cherry wood”. The door is rich in texture, high in appearance and environmentally friendly. The consumables are huge, the process requirements are extremely high, and the price is very high, which is quite rare on the market.

Ordinary solid wood doors can be divided into two types, one is assembled with ordinary logs (such as pine wood, pear wood, etc.). This kind of door has good environmental performance and high technical requirements, but because the wood used is not good, the product is not very good. Grades, there is also the use of all solid wood finger joints assembled, this door is also environmentally friendly, but the production process is relatively simple, the style is not very rich, the appearance is not very good, the reason why ordinary solid wood doors exist mainly because It caters to the strong environmental awareness of consumers and there is not much merit in their products.

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