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Decorative Performance Was A Luxury Art At The Time
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Mosaic was originally an art of mosaic art, which was expressed by the use of colored tiles such as pebbles, shells, tiles, and glass on the wall or floor.

Mosaic became a decorative material. The mosaic that was first discovered to be used in architectural decoration is the wall of the Sumei people. It is decorated with mosaic inlaid on the wall of the Mesopotamian plain in the two rivers across Europe. It is said that Su The mosaic of the beautiful sun dog is the discovery of many of the earliest mosaics. The most ancient archaeological finds were in the ancient Greek era. The ancient Greek marble mosaic paving was very common. The most common form used at that time was a mosaic of black and white, which was only the authoritative ruler and rich. Rich talents can afford craftsmen and affordable materials, and mosaics in various patterns to decorate their place of residence. The use of mosaics to decorate the art of luxury at the time, developed into the late Grecian period, some skilled craftsmen and artists in order to more diversified the architectural decoration works, began to use smaller pieces of stone, and hand-cut small stone pieces Through a combination of various colors, a mosaic mosaic work is completed, which is laid on the walls, floors and columns of the building. Its original and rough artistic expression is a precious wealth of mosaic history and culture.

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