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Analysis: The New Trend Of Security Steel Doors In The Future
- Jul 19, 2018 -

As the competition for steel security doors intensifies, companies are seeking transformation, adjusting their development strategies, or trying to reduce internal costs and adjust their industrial structure. As a top ten brand of security door, SG doors adheres to the spirit of 10 years of dedicated door-building, lean production and professional design, and has turned its attention to the high-end metal security door market with relatively few competition and broad development prospects.

Today, Zibo Shengzhuang Economic and Trade Co.,Ltd.   mainly analyzes from three aspects to explain what causes the security steel door to develop rapidly and bring new opportunities to the security door.

First, intelligent technology

Take the high-end intelligent security metal door launched by Zibo Shengzhuang Economic and Trade Co.,Ltd.  in the 9th Door Fair in 2018 as an example: the new multi-high-end security door is equipped with a combination of password, fingerprint, key triple unlocking function, and can be bundled with alarm devices. If not, it will automatically alarm. At the same time, the door is equipped with an electronic visual cat's eye that can take a self-photographing function. In addition to the conventional video and camera, it also has a bell-and-snap storage function. If there is a disruptive molecule, the doorbell is confirmed by the doorbell. If the bell is pressed, it will be recorded by the cat's eye in a high-definition HD. The high-tech multi-intelligence aims to create a comprehensive three-dimensional protection environment for safe homes and to meet the requirements of high-intelligence modern urban development.

Second, low carbon environmental protection

Low-carbon economy, low-carbon travel, low-carbon diet... When the modern society was led and dominated by the word “low-carbon”, the low-carbon concept of home improvement has become a focus of attention for modern people's low-carbon life. The low carbon demand of the security door came into being. The SG doors fine security steel door is made of high-quality PVC sealing strips. It has been proved by experiments that it not only has remarkable effects in heat preservation, sound insulation and dustproof, but also has better durability than ordinary security door sealing strips, which can realize energy saving in the true sense. . In addition, environmentally friendly paints and adhesives are also the key to low-carbon environmental protection. Taking the new multi-end security door Yashang as an example, the imported environmentally friendly paint treatment, the facade is not only smooth and bright, durable, but also does not drop paint, no smell, and truly environmental protection. While improving product quality, it meets people's requirements for low-carbon life.

Third, fashion art

With the gradual transition of the main consumer group of the door industry to the young group after the 80s and 90s, the pursuit of unconventionality is a common feature of this group. When they buy things, they are no longer just satisfied with the function of the product. Fashion, beauty, creativity and personality have become the focus of their attention. The security door, as the "first face" of the host, from the pattern to the color, reveals the taste of the owner to the guest. Taking the facade as an example, from the ordinary flat door to the three-dimensional flower pattern, the consumer's requirements for the three-dimensional texture of the facade are getting higher and higher, and the demand for stretching is getting deeper and deeper. This means that the door factory is increasingly demanding materials, equipment and technology. In the current security door industry, the deepest stretch of the facade has exceeded 26mm (new and new proud security door), and the new multi-group is also making great efforts to the next stretch record.


Zibo Shengzhuang Economic and Trade Co.,Ltd. said that lean production is inseparable from professional design. Specialized design and development team is a necessary condition for the development of high-end security door market. Only based on market demand, continuous technical public relations, innovation, and high-end market with safe system, creative shape and unique concept can find themselves in the cruel competition. Blue Ocean!

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