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7 Major Development Trends In New Design Steel Security Doors Industry
- Jul 26, 2018 -

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The full name of the steel security doors is called "anti-theft security door". It combines theft and security features. According to the "General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security Doors", qualified and new design steel security doors can not be opened or opened with a portable electric tool such as a chisel, a screwdriver, a crowbar, etc. within 15 minutes or a 615 mm2 on the door leaf. Open, or open a 38 mm square opening in a semicircle of 150 mm square. And the lock used on the new design steel security doors must be a security door lock with anti-drilling function that has passed the test of the Ministry of Public Security.in 2 018 this year, many companies have begun to actively change, and innovative new design of steel security doors has given the company the driving force behind development.


    1. Thinking change, innovative charging


Innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. Keeping pace with the times can grasp the lifeline of the development of the times and not be eliminated by the harsh market. In contrast to the low-cost, low-quality operation model in 2017, the market forces for innovation in another market have begun to grow. Driven by the strong demand of the market over the past three decades, the company's ability to innovate cannot be respected. Plagiarism became a habit. Consumers are disappointed with the homogenized design of the domestic security door. Innovation has become a common demand of the market, and will also become a powerful driving force for security door enterprises. The future of the powerful security door brand comes from the innovation power of the enterprise, there is no future without innovation.



2, practical and pragmatic product features to replace false performance


Many security door products are doing fake and virtual. Replace the original solid wood and copper plate instead of the pure copper plate with fake wood. The A-class anti-theft lock replaces the B-class, C-class anti-theft lock, anti-theft lock core, and the steel core is changed into steel plate......... and the multi-function is all dummy. Today, as consumer rights are increasingly protected, all deceptions of consumers will pay a higher price. Science and pragmatic integrity are the bottom line for companies to keep. So the new design of steel security doors become more and more important.


3, the new design of structural for the security doors began to be valued


The market relies on good products, good products need to be designed, and the security door enterprises that do not have design capabilities and do not respect the design will soon lose power and lose the ability to compete. Structural design will become an important asset for security door enterprises. The key to cost savings and market share lies in product design capabilities. The era of new design of steel security doors value has come.


4. Intellectual property rights are respected, and the security door enterprises that imitate plagiarism begin to lose the momentum of development.


The era of intellectual property rights has arrived. Without intellectual property rights and without paying attention to intellectual property rights, the security door enterprises that rely on imitation or plagiarism will not be respected, and it is difficult to obtain long-term development. If large-scale security door enterprises do not have core intellectual property rights, the challenges will be even more severe. It is quite difficult to rely on a single scale to profit, and mastering core technologies is a must.


5, the fine processing of sophisticated products is popular


The era of the traditional manufacturing and security door industry is coming to an end, and consumers are beginning to hate and resist low-quality products. Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, LeTV... The smart thinking model of the smart phone industry began to influence the thinking of traditional manufacturing. Seiko's products will be popular. In other words, the competition for security door products in 2016 lies in the competition for quality. It will become the new normal to obtain market share with low-cost, high-quality, low-cost and high-quality products. CEI's steel-wood armored security door, West German version of armored door, multicolored lock, IWALNUT walnut smart lock is the industry's model.


6, intelligent security door locks began to enter the ordinary family


Without intelligence, there is no future for the security door industry, and false intelligence will make traditional security door companies lose their ability to compete. With the advent of the Internet era, the connection of things has become inevitable. If it is not connected, it will be equivalent to giving up the market. The intelligent door is the future development direction. With the help of Internet-based smart door locks and intelligent accessories, it is very important for users to experience the dividends brought by the Internet. Shenzhen Changen Industrial Co., Ltd. has made a lot of efforts in this regard. The design of the walnut intelligent anti-theft lock has become one of the best products in the industry. It has been adopted by several famous real estate companies and security door companies. As long as the security door enterprises grasp the idea of intelligentization, there will be many opportunities in the market.


7. The intelligent docking of smart locks has been adopted by the group and property management companies.


The tide of intelligence is unstoppable. The scale real estate enterprises, Vanke, CITIC, Longhu... are all in the layout of smart homes, smart communities, smart door locks, smart access control, and intelligent systems. If the security door company is absent, it will lose a bigger future market.




2018 is the innovation of the security door enterprise, which is the year of the new design of steel security doors enterprise transformation. In the future, the security door industry wants to develop towards a healthy and upward development. It is also inseparable from the efforts of the security door brand, actively seeking change, and advancing with the times!


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