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With polished brick and porcelain hardness
- Jul 03, 2018 -

The glazed tile is a special glaze that can be polished on the glaze. It is the last glaze applied to the antique brick. It is usually a transparent glaze or a transparent convex glaze. The glazed tiles are made of polished tiles and antique bricks. The glazed surface is smooth and bright like polished tiles. At the same time, the glazed colors are rich in patterns like antique tiles, and the colors are heavy or beautiful.

The glaze products combine the advantages of polished bricks, antique bricks and porcelain tiles. The products completely release the subtlety of the glazed tiles, and solve the defects of semi-tile bricks, which have the gloss of polished tiles. Degree, porcelain hardness, but also has the glazed high imitation effect of antique bricks, as well as the rich printing effect of porcelain glaze.

Contrast the polished glazed tiles and other ordinary tiles, you can see it when you look at it and touch it! The single gloss value of the finished product can be as high as 104 degrees, and the average value is also 94 degrees; touch it: the touch of glaze can feel the smooth and smooth texture, and the transparent glaze covered by the full glazed tile adds “nano-alumina”. While maintaining the brightness of the product, it enhances the wear resistance of the surface, which means that the product can be placed freely on the wall surface of each space!

The polished brick is a kind of bright brick which is polished by the surface of the whole body brick body, and is a kind of whole body brick. The polished tile surface is much cleaner than the whole brick. The polished tiles are hard and wear-resistant and are suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens, such as balconies and exterior wall decoration. On the basis of the use of osmosis technology, polished tiles can be used to make various imitation stone and wood-like effects.

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