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Turkey steel wood armored door‘s production process
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Turkey steel wood armored door‘s production process as follow 7 steps:

1, the door leaf core board

According to the specified size, a series of processes such as grinding, calibration, leveling, rust removal, painting, cold pressing, etc. are used as the anti-theft steel core (the total thickness is 40mm, and the outer layer is the steel plate with the thickness of 1.0mm).

2, making the outer cover of the door leaf

The outer solid wood is selected according to the contract requirements, and then glued to the substrate (imported moisture-proof high-density board with a thickness of 2.0 mm) and sprayed with moisture-proof paint.

3, door fan synthesis

After the two sides of the door are glued, they are joined with the two outer facings, dried, and processed to form a door leaf (thickness of 65 mm or more) and subjected to corresponding surface treatment.

4, making the door frame

Made of high-quality steel plate, it is made into a door frame after being cut, bent and welded.

5, assembly

According to the design requirements, select the specified spare parts for assembly to meet the requirements of use.

6, inspection

It is divided into the inspection of purchased materials; the inspection of the processing process: the first piece must be inspected, the batch inspection according to the regulations and the finished product inspection.

7, packaging

After passing the inspection, the product is packaged and shipped.

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