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The face of the building is an independent building
- Jul 03, 2018 -

The door is the face of the building, and it is an independent building, such as the rolling door of the dwelling house, the door of the inner lane, the gate of the temple, and the gate of the capital. The unique Chinese architectural culture is unique because of the “door”. The ancients said that "the house is the gateway to the crown", and the door has the function of displaying the image. In the old society, the door was a symbol of wealth, poverty, and prosperity. The poorer the family, the smaller the door of the family. Especially in the remote mountain villages where the village trails are dark around the mountain and the firewood is close to the rice, the people are tying firewood as the door, just saying that there is a family here. Only those rich and wealthy people have to pay attention to it: the gate tower is high, the door leaf is heavy, and it is sculpted and engraved. This can be strictly distinguished from the ordinary people, and can be displayed in the long street, so that you have not yet approached the door, consciously short three points, Mr. feared.

In today's ancient times, many things are indeed gods, and God is a little weird. The mystery of the various functions of the door, coupled with the imagination, the result "everything is alive", this door, this family was worshipped by the ancients as a god, the sacrifice of it. And along the age of the year, so many cultural information on the threshold, door fans, added a new front door landscape, to the people who are looking for the door culture, leaving a long taste.

Folklore believes that the door is the symbol of the separation of space inside and outside, and it is the first level and throat of the Mairen indoors. Therefore, one family is called the “gateway”. People have always attached great importance to the handling of various doors. It has been said that Chinese classical architecture is the art of the door. In fact, the ordinary people, the threshold is "art", but also believes that it is related to the family's good fortune. Therefore, the door was placed in the first place in the house repairing house.

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