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Teach you how to easily install the steel security door
- Aug 11, 2018 -

As people's lives improve, more and more people choose to use steel security doors at home in order to ensure the safety of their property and family. The steel security door is an effective measure to protect the family's safety. In addition to the correct selection of the steel security door, in fact, strict security door installation is also very important. So, what is the security door installation procedure? The following is the security door installation process analysis.

Security door installation steps for easy installation

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1. Before starting, we should first ensure that other indoor construction processes are basically completed. According to the partition and the movable door, the line must be positioned according to the design requirements, and then the position of the door frame is determined, and the ground elevation and the top of the door frame are accurately measured.

2. Generally, the horizontal length of the partition wall and the safety door top limit groove should be greater than the distance between the upper and lower sides relative to 2 - 4mm, and the groove depth is between 20 ~ 30mm, so it is easy to glue. Method: draw two metal decorative board edges from the center line of the bullet, and then install the limit slot at the top of the door frame according to the side line. Adjust the groove depth with a wooden pad that cuts to increase or decrease visual conditions.

3, followed by the door frame, only the middle line nailed to the wooden strip, and then the splint to clear the outer shape, size and position of the door frame column, and then fixed, this time should pay attention to the decoration should be reduced by the size of the decorative surface, Outer metal decorative surfaces, seams on both sides of the middle position should be installed and ensure vertical.

Security door installation steps for easy installation

4. At this point, use a professional suction cup, then lift the slabs with 2 to 3 hands and suction cups and install them on the installation site. Then, the restricting groove portion is inserted into the top of the door frame, and the lower half portion is placed at the bottom of the bracket, and the center line needs to be installed. The two sides of the door frame can ensure the sealing of the slit, and the facing seam opening is not visible inside or outside.

5, then in the bottom of the wood inside and outside the nail strips in the middle, the gap should be noted to leave 4 mm, after brushing the wood strip adhesive, adhere to the decorative metal plate.

6. Next, go to the top of the root groove, the bottom groove, and inject the glue into the door frame, but pay attention to the joint from one end to the end. The construction cannot be suspended. Method: Take the glue gun, apply even force, move along the gap, keep the speed evenly, evenly move the rubber mouth to form a uniform straight line. Finally, wipe off the excess glue with a plastic cloth and wipe with a clean cloth.

7. The final butt joint treatment, fixed surface, or width is too large, need to be spliced, the gap should be kept 2-3 mm, the glue is injected into the gap, and the glue is completed.

Well, the steps to install the security door are shared here. Now everyone understands it. This knowledge may be used in the future. If you need it, please remember to collect it. I hope to help you.

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