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Small and colorful
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Mosaic tiles are materials for laying bathroom walls and floors. It was used as early as the early 1980s. Today, mosaic tiles are coming back, and they have become the darling of decorative materials in a colorful form, which is favored by avant-garde and fashionable families.

Mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts, it is a pattern created using small tiles or small pottery. In modern times, mosaics are more of a kind of ceramic tiles. They are a kind of bricks with special existence. Generally, dozens of small bricks form a relatively large brick. It is widely used in indoor small-area floors, walls and outdoor large-sized walls and floors with its small size and colorful features. Due to its small size, the mosaic can make some puzzles and produce a gradient effect.

If your bathroom is large and the lighting effect is good, you can choose, cleaning is definitely better than other tiles. The original meaning of mosaic is: mosaic, mosaic, mosaic process. Originated in ancient Greece. The marble mosaics of early Greeks used black and white to match each other. Only authoritative rulers and rich and wealthy talents can afford craftsmen and affordable materials to express this extravagant art. In the development of the late Greek mosaic, in order to enrich the work more diversified, the artists began to need smaller pieces of stone and cut small stones to complete a mosaic.

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