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Security Exterior Door Dimensional Opening
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The standard of security exterior door generally has four specifications, the height is 2050mm and 1970mm two heights, and the width is 860mm and 960mm. After combination, it can be: 2050*860, 2050*960, 1970*860, 1970*960, height 2050mm The door frame with a total height of 2.05 meters can be purchased at a height of 2050mm if the height of the door opening is 2070mm. It is necessary to leave a margin of about 20mm, which is easy to adjust during installation. The door is divided into two types: outer opening and inner opening, but the direction of the door is identified outdoors. The direction is divided into: outer left open, outer right open, inner left open, inner right open. The resolution direction is based on the hinge (hinge). Outside the left is an example: a person faces the door opening outdoors, the hinge (hinge) is left outside on the left hand side, and so on.


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