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How to choose good steel security doors?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Common sense of purchasing good steel security doors

1: Consumers should choose the appropriate anti-theft steel security door according to the actual requirements of the door opening size, opening direction and color pattern of the living room.

2: Anti-vandal function is the most important function of anti-theft steel security door. At the time of purchase, the seller can be required to show the inspection certificate of the relevant department. The product quality should meet the technical requirements of the international General technical conditions for anti-theft steel security door".

3: The thickness of the steel plate of the qualified anti-theft security door frame should be more than 2mm, the thickness of the door body is generally above 20mm, the weight of the door should be checked, generally should be above 40kg, and can be checked by removing the cat's eye, the doorbell box or the lock handle. The internal structure of the door body, the thickness of the steel plate of the door body should be above 1.0mm, and there are several reinforcing steel bars inside, so that the front and rear panels of the door body are organically connected together to enhance the overall strength of the door body. It is better to have asbestos in the door to have fireproof. The material of heat preservation and sound insulation function as a filler, and the door body is tapped by hand to make a "beep" sound, and the consumer should open and close the door by hand to be flexible.

4: Check the quality of the process - special attention should be paid to the inspection of the presence or absence of welding defects, such as open welding, unweld welding, and leakage welding. Check whether the cooperation between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all the joints are dense, and the surface of the door panel should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Generally, it should be painted and sprayed. The surface of the paint layer should be free of air bubbles, uniform color and large. Most doors also have a rubber seal on the door frame that does not emit a harsh metal impact when the door is closed.

5: Lock inspection--The security door of the grid generally adopts the anti-theft special lock that has passed the test by the relevant department and department. At the same time, the steel plate with the thickness of 3.0mm or more should be protected at the lock. There are many anti-theft locks that are multi-directional locks. The advantage is that not only the door locks are locked, but also the upper and lower rails can be inserted into the lock to fix the door. Greatly increased the flood control performance of the door.

6: Brand Assurance - Brand is a symbol of product quality and service. The brand mainly refers to the product brand and the dealer brand. When buying the security door in the market, it is best to buy it in the formal large-scale home building materials city. At the time of purchase, you should also pay attention to the "FAM" logo of the security door, the name of the company, the implementation standards, etc. The doors that meet the standards can be safe and reliable.

7: After installing the steel security door, the user must first check whether the accessories and materials such as keys, insurance policies, invoices and after-sales service orders are consistent with the accessories and materials provided by the manufacturer of the Steel security door, and there must be no shortage of keys. When the lock that has been installed on the door body is opened by the key, the lock core should be easy and flexible, and there is no stuck phenomenon; the door should be flexible and free from jamming, abnormal noise, etc. during the process of opening 90 degrees.

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