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Easy to install, simple and fast
- Jul 03, 2018 -

There are two types of steel doors, one is called steel-wood interior door, the door is used for interior decoration, and the other is called armored door. The above two kinds of doors are developed from the security door. Many of the crafts are transferred from the security door. The structure is a mixed structure of steel plate and wood, so they are all called steel doors.

Steel-wood interior door: It is a series of door series decorated in the room. The outer layer is made of steel plate, which is filled with environmental protection materials such as wooden frame and paper shell. The price is favorable, and it is a mid-range interior door with relatively high acceptance level on the market. Many dealers or insiders refer to such doors as steel doors. Because the surface material is different from the anti-theft door, it can only be installed indoors, avoiding the place where the sun shines, so it is called the interior door. The combination of the two is called a steel-wood interior door. In addition, when the door is installed, it will be equipped with a door cover, so it can also be called a steel-wood interior door.

1. The steel wood door has good strength, is not easy to be deformed, is durable and not afraid of water, and is suitable for kitchen doors;

2, the inside is some filler, not solid wood, lighter than other doors, reducing the limit of the door leaf falling (causing it can not be closed);

3, the most important point, the price of steel doors is affordable, most families can afford, this is one of the more popular characteristics of steel doors;

4. In addition, the style of steel-wood doors is varied, and any pattern can be suppressed. You can also follow the pattern of your favorite wooden door according to your preference, which is beautiful and generous;

5. For dealers, the advantage of steel-wood doors is that it is easy to install, simple and quick, and does not require a lock-hole steel-wood door.

6, non-toxic green health and environmental protection!

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