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Buy rustic tile tips
- Jul 18, 2018 -

In the modern home decoration has become the protagonist, and the antique effect of the tile is a more popular classical decoration, the artistic design of the individual and the elegant antique technology make the whole space show the noble and fashionable atmosphere! How to make life The elegant temperament is kept for a long time, the following small series tells you some tips for buying rustic floor tiles!


  First of all, from the style, rustic tiles generally have seven series, such as romantic Europe, primitive Africa, mysterious Egypt, ancient Indian style, refined China, and the Babylonian kingdom. Each series has its own distinctive characteristics, which is more popular nowadays. It is a romantic European and elegant Chinese series of antique bricks. Secondly, color and collocation, color determines style and personality. At present, the most popular antique tiles are divided into monochrome bricks and tiles. Monochrome bricks are mainly used for large-area paving, while tiles are used as embellishments for local applications. Decoration, the general tile pattern is hand-painted, the surface is glazed, retro with a sense of fashion, simple and generous yet delicate.


  The most important thing is to be optimistic about the quality of antique tiles. Usually we can identify the advantages and disadvantages of antique tiles from the aspects of measuring water absorption rate, listening to tapping sound, scraping brick surface and looking at tolerances. The simplest operation for measuring water absorption rate. It is to pour a glass of water on the back of the tile, and the rapid spread indicates that the water absorption rate is high; the good product gives a crisp sound by tapping with a hand, that is, the glazed surface of the brick is not left with a hard object, and the same batch The color difference of the tiles is very small and the gloss texture is consistent.


  Have you learned these simple rustic tile tips? If you learn, you should pay attention to the maintenance of rustic floor tiles. Good things must be cherished. The matt surface rustic floor tiles are poor in oil resistance, and can be cleaned with a neutral detergent when cleaning; the glazed polish tile surface has no pores, and the daily maintenance should not be waxed, so as to prevent the brick surface from slipping.

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